GJSH Welcomes New Vice Principal Juan Rodriguez

Meet the new Granby Junior/Senior High School vice principal.


On February 1st, 2023 Granby Jr/Sr High School welcomed Juan Rodriguez. Mr. Rodriguez is replacing Mr. Dorman as the Vice Principal.

Mr. Rodriguez is from Holyoke, Massachusetts. He went to college at Amherst College and Harvard. He currently resides in Amherst, MA – a place that holds many meaningful memories for both him and his wife. Over the course of his career, Rodriguez has worked with all age groups and he believes this is where he can do his best work and connect the community.

“It was a role that I was looking for,” says Rodriguez. “I recently graduated from Harvard School Leadership program and so after teaching for many many years, I knew that I wanted to move up into some of those roles and living in Amherst it was also close to home. It seemed like a perfect fit in terms of location and timing.”

Mr. Rodriguez has had very positive first impressions of this school and community.

“Everyone seems very welcoming, very warm, very organized,” says Rodriguez. “I am really happy to be here, it seems like everything was almost not to sound cheesy but meant to be. In terms of all the timing and everything.”

“I think he is great, he seems very personable and seems comfortable and fits the school’s energy,” says GJSH English Teacher Jessica Funk. “He is very easy to talk to and helps everyone feel welcome at the school. I think he will be a good fit for the school.”

If you see Mr. Rodriguez in the hall, don’t be afraid to say hello. We hope to have him in the school for many years to come. We are also so glad to have him join us.