Students Happy With Cafeteria Changes

Returning to “normal” in our cafeteria post-COVID is a welcome change.


There have some major changes in the Granby Junior/Senior High School cafeteria this year: both in the food being offered and the seating arraignments. Last year during the COVID pandemic, the kitchen was serving pre-made food that was brought in and then heated by cafeteria staff. This year, the kitchen staff makes its own food. In addition, now that most COVID restrictions have been lifted, students are now allowed to sit together during lunch again. In addition, students are also allowed to sit outside and eat – they now have picnic tables and Adirondack chairs available for outside lunch. Another big change the high school has had is the new vending machine outside the cafeteria. It offers many different snacks and drinks like apple juice, seltzer water, chips etc.

Students are particularly excited about the change in seating rules. Due to COVID, last year students there could only be three people at a table with students being required to all sit facing in the same direction. With COVID restrictions being lifted, students are free to sit however they want again.

Madyson Gaj, a senior at GJSHS, has been a student at the school since she was in the seventh grade. When asked about her thoughts on the seating changes, she said, “The seating restrictions were fitting for last year, of course. I really like the changes that have been made this year, however. I’m glad we can finally sit with whoever we want, and however many people we want again.”

Over the years that Gaj has been at the school, the cafeteria has seen its changes. Not all for the better, she says.

“The cafeteria was a lot more crowded than it is now when I first came to the high school,” says Madyson. “Both doors to the kitchen were open and there were a lot of more food options. There was also a chef who would make the food right there.”

Another deal breaker for many students is the quality of the food. Due to COVID, last year the food was delivered and had to be heated up and then served to the students. Currently, the food is made at East Meadow while the GJSH cafeteria undergoes repairs. With the kitchen returning to cooking the food in-house, students have noticed an increase in quality.

“The food is cooked at East Meadow since our kitchen is closed due to repairs. Right now, as it stands, we cook out of the East meadow school, then I transfer the food here to be served,” says Ms. Kathy Berger, the high school’s head of the kitchen staff.

A final positive addition to the cafeteria is a new vending machine outside the cafeteria that is available for after school students. The machine offers water, apple juice, seltzer water, energy, chips, and other snacks.

“We got the vending machine to reduce the amount of students that are traveling off campus to purchase food,” explains GJSH Principal Ms. Jordan.

“I’ve seen a lot of students use the vending machine and it seems like everyone really enjoys it,” says Madyson. “If students are hungry or thirsty it allows them to grab something quick.”

With all these positive changes in places and more to come, the future looks bright for Granby Jr/Sr High School students.