GJSH Alumni Panel

Before the Thanksgiving break, four GJSH alumni returned to offer some guidance for the future to current students.


On November 24th, the seniors and junior classes attended a presentation featuring GJSH alumni. This presentation was to prepare current students for what college is like and what to expect.

The alumni talked about issues such as affordability and choosing affordable pathways. They also mentioned how their high school classes had prepared them for college. Their biggest piece of advice for current high school students was to stay on top of their work and make sure they pay attention to the course syllabus.

The goal of the presentation was for current GJSH students to get practical advice from their peers because they don’t always listen to the adults in the lives.

“I feel like it went good, this was the first year where a student was in an apprenticeship program,” says Guidance Counselor Mrs. Bierden. “The only down side was we only had four college kids come in, usually we have more. I like how they were very honest and talked about their failures more than their successes.”

Many students in attendance agreed that the experience was useful.

“They were very engaging and clear about what steps to go through to be ready for college,” said Rebecca Gavel ’23.

A special thanks to the alumni presenters: Rosalynn Vollbrecht (HCC – Criminal Justice), Tyler Sabourin (Plumbing Apprenticeship), Natalie Furman (WNU – Health Science), and Steven Torres (WSU – Excercise Science).