Senior Draft

When being in high school, some students worry about classes while others worry about sports. Sports can impact anyone’s lives whether positively or negatively.  In the graduating class of 2022 some seniors have been playing  since they were little kids, while others started in high school and instantly fell in love with the sport. 

The girls volleyball team has been going on for five years. Paige Galusha, a senior and the captain of the team, has been on the team ever since it was founded. She has been there since day one and she has been one hard working teammate. Being a senior and in her final year creates a mix of emotions – while she is very happy that it is her last year of high school, there is sadness that there are things she needs to leave behind. 

“I am sad to be done with high school sports,” said Galusha. “It’s been a part of my life for the past four years and I’ve grown so much with the team to leave it behind but it’s a happy/sad feeling.” 

Galusha wants to continue her volleyball career after high school. She is proud to have been a captain for three years. Her favorite memory of the team is singing on the bus on the way home after one of their first wins and everyone losing their voices because they were screaming so loud.

“Keep pushing forward, no matter how challenging it is,” says Galusha. 

Emily Frank is one of the seniors that joined the volleyball team in her junior year, but the problem was that thanks to COVID there was no season and only weekly practice. Still, Frank enjoys being a part of the team.

 “I thought I would be ready for the end of the season,” said Frank. “but it was really overwhelming, having senior night and our last game right after. I am super grateful for the team, but I’m really emotional over it being my last year.” 

Frank doesn’t think that she will play on super competitive teams after high school, but she can see herself doing more recreational teams like intramurals. She is proud of getting better in her serves as well as her spike. 

“Nobody’s perfect, everyone messes up,” says Frank. “Just brush it off, don’t let it get into you. Don’t get in your own head about it, just shake it off and move on.”

Conner Asselin is the only student from Granby that plays golf. Since he is the only one, he’s combined with Hopkins Academy and played with them ever since 8th grade. 

Asselin is a hard working person and keeps his head high. He’s proud of making Western Mass this year and being recognized as one of the top high school golfers in the area. Being a senior for him feels weird, but he says it doesn’t feel any different then being in any other grade besides being the top of the school. He is going playing golf, he’s going to miss seeing his coach, and he’s going to miss talking to the team and having fun in general. He plans to continue his athletic career.

“Go into every match and shoot the lowest score, think positive and focus on the good shots,” says Asselin. “If you had a bad shot, throw it out, move on to the next one.”

Ari Klekotka, a girl on the girl varsity soccer team, is a person who is outgoing and also in the game when needed. She focuses on the game and works hard. Sports is something she was enrolled in since birth and this is her 6th year playing for the high school. During freshman year, she suffered a broken arm that prevented her from playing. She used to look up to the seniors on her team when she was an underclassman and finds it strange to think about that many of those former seniors have already graduated college, bought a house, and got married. 

Instead of stopping upon her return I joined the basketball team and played every game as if it was her last. This led Ari to amazing opportunities such as being selected for all Western Massachusetts teams for lacrosse, and a part of two Western Mass soccer championship games.

Favorite memory was the Western Massachusetts championship game freshman year. Although being out because of an injury, the energy brought out that day was unmatched. The game had ended in a tie, resulting in double penalty kicks. On the final kick we scored and won the game. This is very unheard of in soccer and is one of the biggest blessings a team could be given. They later went on to become state finalists. 


“Never let anyone or anything define you as a person, and most importantly as a team,” said Klekotka. “Sports can bring you some of the best memories, but also your worst nightmares whether it be having a season ending injury or a losing season, your skill might not match others but when you look to improve and give your 100% you will win the biggest game of your sporting career, the mental game. 

Dana Chateauneuf, a person who is calm and collective, she is a reasonable person. Being a senior for her is exciting, yet still sad. For her, she is excited to go to college, but is sad that in order to do that she needs to leave her friends, teachers and comfort zone in some ways. Dana is sad, not that she is done with high school but because she will miss all of her friends and the teachers she has. But excited to start this new chapter and go to college. 


She is committed to play soccer in college and after that she thinks that she will want to play after that. She is proud to be committed to play soccer at MHC and Dana is proud that she was named to the all Western Massachusetts first team last year.  Her favorite memory with her team was freshman year when she took the last pk in Western Mass finals and made it. After that the team went through the state semi finals.


 “The road will be full of winds and bumps but remember to enjoy the ride,” a quote by Dana,

Liberty Conlin, someone is willing to greet you with smiles and a person who you can enjoy the day with. It feels great being a senior that the seventh graders are looking up to. It’s going to be bittersweet leaving soccer, she’s sad that it’s over because she has played since she was a wee little chill. 


Somewhere it’s going to be nice because she won’t have a sport during the winter. She most likely will be playing lacrosse in college, but not in soccer. The thing Liberty is proud of is her effort on the field even if we are very much not going to win the game. Favorite memory is definitely the long bus rides home when they turn the bus into a concert on wheels. 


“Don’t worry about the score, it’s only a game and it will be over shortly. It doesn’t last a lifetime even though it might seem like it, “ a quote given by Liberty, mostly to goalies. 


There are more seniors on the girls soccer team but they didn’t have time to be interviewed but here is a shot out of them. Gabby Walz, Sienna Hill, Brianna Sosa, Kayla klekotka, Emma klekotka, and Alyson Barsalou.  

The boys soccer team is a team that supports and encourages everyone, hard workers also indeed. All the seniors on the soccer team are Max Brown, Liam Brown, Nathan Grandmont, Fran Climent, and Tyler Sudsbury. But lucky one has answered me, Nathan Grandmont. 

Nathan Grandmont, is a person that will be straightforward in the game and find the best result or solution. Being a senior makes him feel old and at the same time it feels like every other year. He feels weird that it will be his last time that he will be playing for the varsity team at Granby. He will keep on going with his athletic career but he can’t say that it will be soccer but will keep up for playing a team for any sport he’ll fall into next. 


An accomplishment Nathan is proud of is helping the team making it to the playoffs this year. Favorite memory from the team is the first year being on the team, it was towards the end of season and it had just snowed. When it snowed it was their game day. So all of the guys have strapped up their cleats and ran out in shorts in a blizzard, you couldbt even see the goals from midfield. 


“The struggle your in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow,” a motivational quote from Nathan, 

All the seniors that have played sports as kids have been doing out of love, they have dedicated their lives towards the sport. Being able to play a sport every season and doing it because they want to is something that should be respected and be known. But for most it will be a part of them that they will be missing. Sometimes a sport is what makes a person who they are.