Reviewing Local Skateparks

The Daily Dino’s Bree Hackett reviews and rates local skateparks.


Keep in mind that I am a roller skater and a bit of a beginner. If you have any differing opinions, leave a comment!


West Springfield Skatepark.
Very good for beginners. Lots of little kids on scooters. It has a “circular” flow, and two small ramps in the circle. There is one curved ramp with a keyhole, and two flat ramps.

Rating: 8/10. It’s fun to skate around in the park, and it’s nice concrete, great for beginners. The only downside is the amount of kids scootering around.


Belchertown Skatepark
I personally like Belchertown skatepark, even though the ground could use some work. It is the only park around that has a small wood halfpipe, and that’s just about where the good stuff ends. It has a few ramps, a couple manual pads, and a nice little bank.

Rating: 7/10. It’s just a few minutes up the road from me, and the location helps the rating. It also has a very nice halfpipe, made of wood, instead of concrete.


Northampton Skatepark
Northampton skatepark consists of a stair set, two ramps, some manual pads, and the steepest bowl ever. It is about seven feet tall, with coping jutting out, and extremely steep. Once in the bowl, it is fun to roll around in, as long as you don’t think about getting out. Getting out of the Northampton bowl is a nightmare. 

Rating: 6/10. There is almost nothing to do except the bowl. I just wished it had more obstacles, not just a bowl.


Westfield Skatepark
Westfield skatepark is the worst skatepark I have ever seen. It is outdated, unskateable, and dangerous. 

Westfield skatepark is a twenty year old concrete park. Built in the very beginning of concrete parks, it is obvious that the builders cut corners when laying the concrete.

All the metal is rusted and sharp.

The graffiti is everywhere, while some is nice, most is just tagging. 

I walked down one of the steeper ramps and the momentum pushed me up another, where I fell. If you can’t even walk without falling, how are you supposed to skate?

Rating: 1/10. It needs to go. I would love to see a new skatepark in Westfield. I give it one point, because at least it exists. Even though it’s terrible, it’s better than having nothing.


Holyoke Skatepark
I really like Holyoke skatepark.

It does have a lot of cracks in the concrete. It is not too steep, which is very nice. There is a big problem with trash, and subsequently bees. The first time I went to Holyoke I got stung on my finger. You can’t throw away any trash, because the cans are full of garbage and bees.

Rating: 7/10. It’s one of the best parks in the immediate area, but the experience is sullied by the bees and cracked concrete.


Unity Skatepark (Turners Falls)
Unity skatepark is one of my favorites. It has a bowl and lots of ramps, and also a half bowl. I really like the variety of things you can do there.  Nothing is too steep, and the bowl is easy to get out of. The things that i don’t like is that you can’t skate in the parking lot, and the park trails, I’m also not a fan of the pool coping on the bowl. I’m also not a fan of the fact that the park is 45 minutes away from me.

Rating: 9/10, taking away one point for the distance and pool coping.


Pittsfield Skatepark
The park in Pittsfield is nice, but the mini bowl is extremely steep. When I went there, there were some skaters who were a bit hostile to me, as a roller skater. What the photos don’t show you is the graffiti and the fact that to get up to the bowl you have to climb a steep bank. The area to the left and below the mini-bowl is not polished concrete, it is very rough. The rest of the park is very smooth.

Rating: 8/10, taking away points for the steep mini bowl, and rough concrete, also the fact that it takes an hour for me to get there.