JV Soccer Players Hope For Better Field

While the varsity soccer field is in good condition, JV players feel that their space has been neglected.


While sports is a very big part of the culture at Granby Jr/Sr High School,  there is one aspect of the program that might be holding student athletes back from reaching their full potential. The soccer fields at GJSH are in the worst condition of any of the athletics fields: the terrain is not flat and has bad grass.

“It is definitely challenging playing on the fields with the quality of them,” said one anonymous GJSH soccer player. While there has been an ongoing effort to improve the field, there is no word on a timeline for improvements.

Mr. Dorman, current soccer coach and interim vice principal, has not seen any change in the status of the field since his days as a student in 1984. “The maintenance of the field was not the best back when I was a student,” said Dorman. “The grass was like it is now: dead.”

The JV soccer field has little to no grass, it is uneven, and when it rains the goalie box turns into a mud pit.

“I have trouble playing on the field because of the condition of it,” said soccer player Cole Fuller ’25. “I am constantly tripping and losing the ball while dribbling.

While the varsity soccer field receives regulars maintenance, the JV field never gets new grass and does not have sprinklers. “I love what they did with the varsity [soccer] field,” said soccer player Gavin Moreno ’25. “The grass is nice and it allows the game to be faster paced and allows the ball to roll smoother.”

Many of the student athletes are hopeful that a financial investment can be made into the fields someday.  They hope that the dedication put in by coaches and players can be reflected in the turf.