Dunkin Donuts Struggles with Staffing

Granby’s local Dunkin Donuts, like many across the nation, finds itself short enough staff to run regular hours.


Dunkin’s nationwide, like many other businesses, are in the midst of staffing shortages. In the past, Dunkin has been a common job for students, ensuring that the business always had a constant stream of workers. Yet in recent years, students and workers in general have all but stopped seeking employment there or have quit soon after being hired.

The symptoms of the shortage are being felt by customers, as the Dunkin’ in Granby, Massachusetts is being made to close hours earlier than usual due to the lack of employees.

The Daily Dino reached out to an employee that wished to remain anonymous to ask about working conditions. “It’s alright,” said the employee. “We can eat and do whatever when it’s slow, we’ve got good managers, and if you mess up it’s not bad.” 

However, when questioned as to why so many employees are leaving, the source explained, “People normally find better jobs, people work too many hours and have a lot of problems with other workers, yell at each other.” The source also said, “some problems take too long get fixed, there was a big roof leak that wasn’t fixed for over a month.”

Dunkin’s staffing issues are not for lack of trying, as they’ve adopted a “quantity over quality” mentality to try and remedy the issue. However, our source takes issue with this approach, saying that it hasn’t worked and that they would “rather have ten solid workers over fifteen who don’t care.” 

When asked how some of the problems could be addressed, our source responded that Dunk could, “hire more people and provide better training.”

Despite Dunkin’ Donuts continued staffing woes, many loyal customers to the franchise report little to no change in the quality of service.

The Daily Dino reached out to the Granby Dunkin’ for comment but received no response.