Grading At Barnes & Noble: A Mike Afflitto Story

Mr. Afflitto, a teacher at GJSH who has worn many hats, is excited to return to the world of history.

Mr. Afflitto is still newer to the school, he started working here in 2020 as an interim substitute teacher for Mrs. Dufrense when all classes were remote. He worked as a substitute, a history teacher and is now a special education teacher in room 211. He previously worked at Smith Academy in Hatfield, MA as a substitute and paraprofessional.
He grew up in Holyoke and currently lives in South Hadley. He went to Holyoke Catholic in Granby, which is now MacDuffie. For college, he went to Springfield College for his undergraduate majoring in history and education. He also went to Westfield State University for his teacher license and masters program.

His class is currently a direct studies class where students have an opportunity to work on their assignments. Mr. Afflitto provides support and help with the assignments being done. He helps students with origination, check in on grades, and helps them get support from their teachers. They set up a plan to help get their school work done.
Next year Mr. Afflitto will be teaching two sections of US History 1 Honors and is really excited about getting back into teaching history.

“I have a passion for [teaching] history, but I also really enjoy helping students which is kinda why I became a teacher so I would say that I like both the special ed and history roles equally.’’

Outside of teaching, Mr. Afflitto is also a coach for multiple sports. At Granby he coaches junior varsity boys soccer and junior varsity boys basketball. For the 2021-22 basketball season, he was the girls varsity basketball head coach. He also coaches baseball at Smith Academy in Hatfield MA. He played basketball and baseball in high school and still currently plays over 30 baseball on Sunday mornings. When asked what sport is his favorite to coach he said “That’s a tough question but if I had to pick one I do think I would pick basketball.”

During the 2021-22 school year he would grade our work at Barnes and Noble. It turned into a running joke in some of his classes. However this year he no longer grades there, he can actually grade at school.
When asked if teaching is what he thought it would be he said.

“I think yes and no, I definitely expected kids to be kids but I think one thing that I learned is kinda what all the other roles that you fill besides the educational role of being the teacher.”